GAMI Joins Cointelegraph Accelerator to Bring Web3 to Blockchain Ecosystem

20. June 2023 By admin Off

• Cointelegraph Accelerator has announced GAMI — a Web3 Venture Builder — as its new strategic partner.
• GAMI works with many products focused on DeFi and Web3, including Midle, GAMI Move, and the GAMI Launchpad.
• The GAMI World ecosystem consists of many web3 and blockchain applications with GAMI providing various utilities to users.

Cointelegraph Accelerator Welcomes Strategic Partner

Cointelegraph Accelerator has announced a new strategic partnership with Web3 venture builder GAMI. With this partnership, Cointelegraph will leverage its media capabilities to boost startups within the blockchain and crypto space.

GAMIs Products Tailored to the Web3 Ecosystem

GAMI’s products are tailored to the expanding world of Web3 decentralized finance (DeFi). This includes nonfungible tokens (NFTs), loyalty programs, action-to-earn apps like Gami Move, and crowdfunding platform Gami Launchpad. In October 2021, they launched their native utility token called “GAMI” which provides various utilities on all platforms in their ecosystem. They have already established partnerships with prominent figures such as Gerard Lopez and have more than 40k users worldwide including token holders and project participants.

What is the Gami World Ecosystem?

The Gami World Ecosystem is comprised of several web3 applications that use the native utility token “GAMI”. These include data-based marketing platform Midle, move-to-earn app Gami Move, blockchain-based crowdfunding platform launch pad, and several other projects in development. Users can benefit from using these services through access to NFTs, loyalty programs, action-to-earn opportunities, etc., all powered by the utility token “Gami”.

What Does This Mean for Cointelegraph?

By partnering with a renowned venture builder such as Gamin they are able to leverage their media capabilities to help support these projects within the crypto ecosystem even further. Through this collaboration Cointelegraph will be able to provide an additional resource for startups hoping to grow within this space while expanding into a much broader reach of digital experiences beyond DeFi related activities such as gaming or action-to earn experiences.


This strategic partnership between two industry leaders shows just how far blockchain technology has come in recent years for both capital markets investors and startups alike who are now beginning to explore what lies beyond mere cryptocurrency trading activities through decentralization driven innovations like those offered by GAMIs ecosystem driven products.