Crypto Investors Warned of Home Robbery Trend by Canadian Police

22. July 2023 By admin Off

• Canadian police are warning high-value cryptocurrency investors of a home robbery trend involving perpetrators impersonating delivery drivers.
• The RCMP has made one arrest but it is unclear whether several incidents are linked and how much was stolen.
• To avoid a home robbery, authorities advise not letting strangers or delivery people into the household and to keep valuables and financial information safe within the house.

Canadian Police Warn Crypto Investors of Home Robberies

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Richmond, a city south of Vancouver, have issued a public warning regarding an increasing trend of home robberies targeting high-value cryptocurrency investors over the past 12 months. Staff Sergeant Gene Hsieh from the Richmond RCMP Major Crime Unit believes that it is necessary for public safety to spread awareness on this issue.

Suspects Impersonate Delivery Drivers

The RCMP did not provide details on individual incidents but stated that in each case, the perpetrator had posed as a delivery driver before breaking into the victims’ homes and stealing cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Staff Sergeant Jill Long from Delta Police Investigative Services noted that these suspects appear to have knowledge on both where their victims live and how heavily they are invested in cryptocurrencies.

One Arrest Made

While there has been one arrest made by the police department, it is still uncertain whether multiple cases are related or how much cryptocurrency was stolen in total. Investigations are ongoing at this time.

Tips to Avoid Home Robbery

To prevent such incidents, authorities advise citizens not to let strangers or delivery people enter their residence unless there is confirmation from the company itself and to keep valuable items and financial information stored securely inside their house. If danger appears imminent or there is any uncertainty present, citizens should immediately call local law enforcement for assistance.


Cryptocurrency investment can be risky business even without external threats such as criminals looking to make easy money off unsuspecting victims. As such, crypto investors must remain vigilant at all times when dealing with their assets and take precautionary measures against potential robberies like those outlined above in order to protect themselves against theft or other forms of harm