Bitcoin Price Holds $26K as Volatility Recedes

22. August 2023 By admin Off

• Bitcoin price held steady at $26,000 after a 11.4% correction last week.
• Derivatives data suggests that the volatility spike was not impacted by the drop in price.
• Analysts suggest reduced liquidity as the cause of recent price swings.

BTC Holds $26K Despite Volatility Spike

Bitcoin (BTC) price has held its ground at $26,000 despite an 11.4% correction last week, and derivatives data shows that pro traders’ sentiment was not significantly impacted by the drop in price. Analysts have suggested that reduced liquidity could be a contributing factor to recent market volatility.

Reduced Liquidity

The Kaiko Data chart indicates that there has been a 2% decline in Bitcoin’s order book depth which is mirrored by the decrease in volatility. Market makers may have adjusted their algorithms to align with prevailing market conditions, but further examination of the derivatives market is necessary to determine whether large investors are taking bearish positions or expecting higher premiums for protective hedges.

Historical Price Drops

Two significant drops can be identified over recent months: one from March 8-10 which saw BTC fall 11.4% to $19,600 following Silvergate Bank’s liquidation; and another from April 19-21 resulting in a 10.4% dip after Gary Gensler addressed Congress about cryptocurrency regulation.

Derivatives Data Analysis

Derivatives data analysis reveals that during both these events open interest (OI) increased on all exchanges except Huobi DM and OKEx Perpetual Contract (OK06). This suggests that market makers were expecting more volatility than usual due to lack of liquidity and thus charged higher premiums for hedge positions throughout the period of uncertainty caused by news announcements or other external factors driving prices down temporarily.


In conclusion, it appears as though reduced liquidity is having an effect on Bitcoin’s market structure, causing sudden spikes in volatility when large investors take bearish positions or opt for protective hedging strategies expecting higher premiums due to low liquidity levels overall. As such, traders should remain vigilant when trading crypto assets and take into account possible external factors that could influence short-term movements before entering any positions.